Up past midnight.

So, here I am.
Here is Shariq Shah lying bare, naked, right in front of you.
This is me, all summed up on a neat, tidy little wall.
These are my loves, my wants, my likes, my dislikes, my hates, my idiosyncrasies, my habits, my rants, my evil alter ego... basically everything about me.
I don't need to tell you that I tend to spaz, rant, laugh, live, learn, eat, laugh, rage, game, laugh, talk obnoxiously loud, attention whore, laugh, hurt and end up laughing, and oh... did I mention laugh?, cause thats what these posts are for.
But I guess I just did didn't I?
Well here I am, Shariq, Shark, Shrek, Shahahaha, Shah-ho, Whor-se, Big Brother, Little Brother, Best Brother, that hopeless romantic, that nice guy who finished last, that funny guy, that lame kid, the best friend.

Hi, I'm Shariq.
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